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VDI vs VPN Part II- Do I Need a Virtualization Solution?

by on Jul.16, 2015, under Cloud Services, Unified Communications

Last week we kicked off our VDI vs VPN blog series with a high level overview of the importance of virtualization and it’s place in the modern office. This week we’ll tell you the key benefits of both to help you see how a virtualization solution can benefit your business.
So…What is VDI?
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure also known as VDI is a form of virtualization that hosts a desktop operating system with a virtual machine (VM) that runs on centralized servers through the cloud. It allows applications such as Outlook, Office and Internet Explorer to be stored on a central server rather than on the clients physical machine. This, in turn, allows users to access all the network resources giving the business centralized management, increased security and reduced overhead costs.
What is so great about this? VDI has many advantages including centralized management, increased security, and reduced costs.
Let’s break it down.
Centralized Management: Adding RAM, pushing out new software, or disabling temporary and former employees can be deployed at the server level in the administrative location saving IT departments countless hours.
Increased Security: All valuable data of the business would now be stored and located in the data center instead of the local device. This translates into fewer chances of data leaks via malware and viruses.
Reduced Costs: Businesses can now look forward to less upfront costs by not purchasing equipment, software and licenses. This in turn lowers the number of IT staff who provision virus removals and configuration issues.
Now that we’ve learned a little about VDI, let’s dive into VPN…
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private extension of the Local Area Network (LAN) available over the Wide Area Network (WAN). This is designed to provide a private encrypted tunnel connection to ensure privacy of information that is transmitted between the two locations.
What is so great about this? VPN’s advantages include online anonymity, the ability to unblock websites and bypass filters, and secured Wi-Fi hotspots.
Let’s break it down.
Online Anonymity: VPN allows browsing with complete anonymity. This allows the IP address connected to a desktop computer, laptop or any other mobile device to be hidden from privacy invasion or hackers.
Unblock websites and bypass filters: This is an advantage for those who are doing business with countries who have firewalls and restrictions on what content their residents can see or exchange with other countries.
Secured Wi-Fi hotspots: When using any Wi-Fi hotspots, the VPN will create an encrypted firewall link for your mobile device so that browsing is completely privatized.
Now that you know the benefits of each, which do you think is right for your business? Next week we’ll conclude this blog series with a discussion on the key differences between VDI and VPN. Interested in learning more now? Click here for a free demo of VPN OR here for a free demo of VDI.

Why Unified Communications Will Make you Question Your Current IT Strategy

by on Jun.22, 2015, under Trends, Unified Communications


Hosted Unified Communications (UC) for business is a disruptive idea. It disrupts the notion that IT departments need to spend a good chunk of their time and money maintaining business communications with in house IT teams. It also shatters the notion that a successful IT strategy requires multiple vendors for collaborative services such as voicemail, email and mobile applications. In reality, IT professionals can save up to 30 percent of their time by implementing a UC solution.
Over the years, as mobility began to play a greater role in enterprise communications, IT systems became much harder to manage. As a result, IT Departments are getting out of the business of managing hardware and software. Instead they are opting for UC solutions that provide a more efficient manner of using technology. With a single UC solution, IT leaders can quickly solve business problems, save money on staffing and infrastructure, and simplify their billing processes by paying one vendor instead of working across multiple.
Beyond the immediate benefits seen by IT departments, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) poses advantages for businesses overall. Many business leaders recognize that the employee mobility and flexibility available with a Unified Communications solution leads to higher productivity and are now equipping their work forces with the technology resources they need to do so. A Stanford University study found that telecommuting alone leads to a 13.5 percent increase in worker productivity. The graphic below from Rypple, provides a breakdown of the amount of time the typical employee wastes on inefficient business communications. All of which could be avoided by implementing a UCaaS solution.
Savings from Implementing Unified Communications
Image by Rypple, Inc. via Pinterest
The future of UCaaS is endless and allows us to think innovatively when it comes to saving time and increasing overall business profitability. One thing is for certain though, there will be an upward trend in business investments when it comes to unifying communications in the cloud.
Interested in learning more about Unified Communications? Have one of our UCaaS experts walk you through a private demo. Click here or call 1.866.949.4267 to set an appointment.

Nutanix .NEXT Conference Recap

by on Jun.18, 2015, under Events, iCore News

We had so much fun getting to know our clients at the inaugural Nutanix User Conference in Miami, Florida earlier this month. The conference allowed us to expand upon our strong and sustainable partnership with Nutanix, a leading cloud provider, in order to maximize our knowledge in cloud practices and technology.
The week of the conference was full of informational sessions led by experts in the field who shared valuable insight into the latest in cloud technology. Throughout all the learning that took place during this remarkable conference, we were still able to find plenty of time for fun with our clients! We had a blast at the Turnberry Miami Golf Course.  The fun continued throughout the week with numerous dinners and networking sessions.
We are so happy to have been able to share this incredible weekend with our clients and our partner, Nutanix!
See pictures from the event below:

Registration Desk at Nutanix .NEXT Conference

Registration Desk at Nutanix .NEXT Conference

The CUBE at Nutanix .NEXT conference

The CUBE at Nutanix .NEXT conference

iCore Executives and Clients enjoying a day of golf at the Turnberry courses

iCore Executives and Clients enjoying a day of golf at the Turnberry courses

iCore Executives and Clients before Nutanix cocktail reception

iCore Executives and Clients before Nutanix cocktail reception

Nutanix .NEXT conference keynote speaker

Nutanix .NEXT conference keynote address

iCore Sponsors SmartCEO’s Executive Management Awards

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SmartCEO’s Executive Management Awards (EMAs) held March 26, 2015, at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia was an incredible celebration of the city’s top executives. From CEOs to CTOs, the event hosted a group of Philly’s business elite for an evening to remember. As a regular sponsor of local SmartCEO events and an active member of the Philadelphia business community, it is no surprise that iCore joined in for this miraculous event. iCore sponsored the EMAs along with ten other companies across different industries.
The awards recognized more than thirty winners all of whom are profiled in the March/April issue of SmartCEO magazine.
Members of our Philadelphia team represented iCore at the awards dinner. See pictures from the event below:

SmartCEO Executive Management Awards

Members of iCore’s Philly Team

SmartCEO Executive Management Awards
SmartCEO Executive Management Awards

iCore Senior Director, Kevin Thomsen, recognized as an EMAs committee member

SmartCEO Executive Management Awards

EMA Winners


Philadelphia UC & Cloud Connect Recap

by on Feb.16, 2015, under Events

Last Thursday, February 12th, we hosted the inaugural instance of our new networking event series, UC & Cloud Connect. The event was held at R2L Restaurant in downtown Philadelphia. We brought together Philly’s great tech minds for an evening of cocktails, networking, and insights into key Unified Communications and Cloud trends for 2015.
The networking event featured a display of the top products in the UCaaS and Cloud market including the Polycom phones pictured below. The event created a forum for discussion on the latest technology trends for businesses with comments from iCore CMO, Jim Rogers, Product Manager, Lauren Gehrig, and Senior Director, Kevin Thomsen.
Check out the images below:

Guests at UC & Cloud Connect Philadelphia.

Guests at UC & Cloud Connect Philadelphia.


iCore Senior Director - Kevin Thomsen, CMO - Jim Rogers, District Manager - Michael Kushner at UC & Cloud Connect.

iCore Senior Director – Kevin Thomsen, CMO – Jim Rogers, District Manager – Michael Kushner at UC & Cloud Connect.


Polycom  VVX 1500, SoundPoint IP 7000, VVX 410 phones on display at UC & Cloud Connect.

Polycom VVX 1500 video phone, VVX 410, and SoundStation IP 7000 conference phone on display at UC & Cloud Connect.


iCore Product Manager - Lauren Gehrig ready to great guests at UC & Cloud Connect.

iCore Product Manager – Lauren Gehrig ready to great guests at UC & Cloud Connect.

Stay updated on our future events here!