Disaster Recovery

iCore Disaster Recovery Team to the rescue!

by on Aug.30, 2011, under Disaster Recovery

It was disaster for many, just another storm for others, and merely a rainy day for the rest. Whatever the condition in wherever the area, iCore’s Disaster Recovery Team was ready to roll out to help our customers in need, in hard hats and all! Throughout the chaotic weekend of Hurricane Irene, iCore was proud to announce that the network was up and remained fully functional during the storm. In addition, we had our Disaster Recovery crew on standby, some even at the Network Access Centers (NAC’s) to ensure full preparedness in addressing any possible issues. Our vehicles were literally out on the streets ready to help both customers and employees in need of assistance. The eye of this storm may not be one to mess with, but Irene blinked and it was iCore on the ready and to the rescue!

iCore shakes up competition by keeping network up while Earth shakes it up

by on Aug.24, 2011, under Disaster Recovery

Of course, the topic on everyone’s mind is the literal earth-shattering news of yesterday. The last time the East Coast experienced an earthquake of equal strength was New York, 1944. The Mid-Atlantic earthquake of 5.9 ironically shook up the East Coast’s call volume and connection more than the buildings themselves. Not iCore! Despite the pandemonium and shock, iCore powered through and resumed business as normal. Despite the increasing number of dropped calls during that time frame, iCore made and received calls with ease; reassuring our loved ones, and of course, our customers. Despite everything that happened, the jolts from the Earth’s core, iCore stayed solid providing our 55,000+ users the indestructible core of our business: VoPI.

Typically, cell phone providers operate by routing calls from one relay station to another using the shortest distance between the two points of the call.  When a station gets overwhelmed like yesterday, the calls bypass that station and thus cause the delays. Part of the services we offer include an exceptional disaster prevention and recovery system using a private circuit connected to our Network Access Centers (NAC). With that comes a backup circuit with an additional NAC, providing our customers a truly redundant disaster recovery tool. When iCore says we provide disaster prevention and recovery, we mean business! Our team continues to further monitor our systems, but nothing can shake this core. Our stellar services will rock your world, figuratively speaking of course.

Watch out telecomm world, iCore is on the rise to shake YOU up!