VDI vs VPN- What fits your business needs?

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Now that we have shown you both sides of VDI and VPN, it is time to reflect on what solution fits best for your business. To make things a little easier, we have broken down the components of when you should use a VDI solution vs a VPN solution below.
VDI is good for:

  • Better Centralized Management
  • Optimal Security hosted through cloud
  • Remote Accessibility anytime, anywhere
  • Companies with BYOD users

VPN is good for:

  • Protecting your public WiFi
  • Cost savings
  • File sharing
  • Omitting internet Filters

Whether you’re planning on virtualizing your network by implementing VDI or VPN, it is important to be weary of the differences to choose the best solution for your business. Although VDI solutions are more expensive than VPN, it allows for data to be stored and secured at the data center level. VPN allows for flawless file sharing and privacy when it comes to browsing. It is crucial to have a consultation to really understand which virtualization technique will give your company the results that it’s looking for.
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